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Drown the Clown            2020

 A bereaved woman named Claire Sable, who recently lost her daughter Lily in a drowning accident, is obsessed with keeping Lily's memory intact by keeping her nursery and favorite clown doll in a pristine and preserved condition. Her marriage to her husband Roy is crumbling, and to make a new start, she gets a job as a night security guard at the company that owns her child's favorite water park.


Lily's clown doll mysteriously goes missing and starts to pop up in several places it shouldn't be in the building, haunting Claire as if it has a mind of its own and weakening her sanity. She hears her child's voice along with other chilling sounds from beyond a locked doorway which is restricted to her and the other guard for unknown reasons.


Claire now has no choice but to risk her job which she needs desperately and enter the restricted area in order to see who or what took her dead child's favorite toy.

Drown the Clown Movie Poster

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  Cupid's Guillotine         (2017)

A couple about to be engaged enter a haunted house attraction and find themselves trapped and tormented by the creepy figures that inhabit it. When the bride-to-be is shockingly transformed, her fiance must decide if he can bear a future with her.

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Natural Rejection          (2013)

A mysterious man made "cure" suddenly starts to kill off all of the women on Earth.

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Cold by Nature            (2009)

When Caleb's mother is shot and killed by Chemtech Pharmaceutical Corporation security, Caleb becomes orphaned and despondent. He soon meets and becomes friends with Danielle, a woman who knows secrets about Chemtech and its operations.

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Teen Idol Tom            (2007)

Actress Fiona Torrent is one of the elite orphans selected by the Font, the nations only academy for the arts, where stars are regularly groomed for fame and fortune. But behind the Font’s glittering façade, Fiona discovers a perilous secret that drives her to confront sinister forces determined to keep her from revealing the ugly truth, and from finding the man she loves. 

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