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Drown the Clown

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  Cupid's Guillotine

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Natural Rejection

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Cold by Nature

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Teen Idol Tom 

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Justin Viggiano is a filmmaker, director and editor of feature, documentary and promotional films. He has just completed "Drown The Clown", his fifth feature length film which he shot, directed, edited, produced and wrote entirely independently. A graduate of Philadelphia's University of the Arts, he is the recipient of local, national and industry awards for his feature length and short films in the suspense/drama genre. He is also involved in creating film equipment for JEV Productions, a series of versatile, portable film dollies. He has had his feature film "Natural Rejection" play in LA and NYC Theaters in October of 2013, and then come out later on BLU-RAY, DVD and VOD platforms. His next Feature film "Cupid's Guillotine" came out on Amazon Instant Video and Roku TV in February of 2017. "Cupid's Guillotine" will later come out on BLU-RAY, DVD and all VOD platforms.

Justin is the winner of The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival Los Angeles for his film NATURAL REJECTION in the category of BEST THRILLER in 2012.

Justin is the winner of a 2007 Aegis Award for his film "Teen Idol Tom", in the Drama/Entertainment category. "Teen Idol Tom" also received honorable mentions in the categories of Feature Films and Original Screenplay from the Accolade Competition.

"Teen Idol Tom" was also a finalist at the National Festival for Talented Youth in Seattle, Washington and the Philadelphia Documentary and Fiction Festival in 2008.

In 2006 his film "Forza" was a finalist at the New Century Cinema Film Festival, Rutgers University, New Jersey.


 Director's Statement

I am a filmmaker who completed his fifth feature film "Drown the Clown" which I shot, directed, edited, produced and wrote. I'm always looking to collaborate with creative individuals who love to tell stories. The films I create have underlying social issues at their core such as environmental issues, gay rights, commercialization of art, mental illness discrimination and animal rights. It's a winding road while making feature films, but on each film I learn something new that I try to share with other filmmakers so they can incorporate it into their projects and grow the independent filmmaking community.

Abstract City Lights


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